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Eco-friendly services on our all-in-one platform


At Ecogistix, we believe in a win-win solution. That's why we provide you with eco-friendly services, including industry experts and hands on support.

With Ecogistix, you will be provided with customizable solutions that meet your business goals. We understand that time is money and our objective is to allow farmers to get their time back. Using our platform means being compliant with FDA labeling standards, tracking your teams with ease, automating the grueling day-to-day tasks, booking loads with the closest trucker, and seeing your business grow.

Our Services


If you want a cost-effective, labor-saving way to run your farm then partner with Ecogistix. 

Traceability Ecogistix meets the Produce Traceability Initiative required case and pallet labels along with integrating blockchain for transparency

Team Management The farmer can create and manage teams that are working in the field so Ecogistix can track and trace the team that packed the cases.

Inventory Management  No more manual counts. Keep an automatic count of your inventory. Precise tracking of your cases and their locations

Order Management  Real-time visibility to track and manage orders from buyers along with fulfillment functionality that allows more visibility from packing to shipped.

Transportation Management  Match truckers with your shipments. We will auto capture all the transportation information for traceability. Your order will have full tracking from the origin to the destination.

Fulfillment Management  The ability for your shipping team to view and scan inventory to multiple orders and provides management real-time visibility to the status of all your open order.